Back to Basics

The new year marks the beginning of my journey and what better place to start than with this checklist for essential pieces that I found by fellow blogger Yolanda Renee over at Et Cetera Blog Mag.  

Et Cetera Blog Mag: How to Build Your Wardrobe (Part 1)

Et Cetera Blog Mag: How to Build Your Wardrobe (Part 1)

As I began to build my new wardrobe, I used this photo as a guide. I even made it my background image on my iPad so that when I went to stores, I knew what pieces I should be looking for.

As I purged my closet, I found that, while I thought I was fashionably disabled, I actually already had several of these items! After she explained their interchangeability, I decided to give it a try with the pieces I already had.

My goal, and budget, this week, is to spend $100 on adding the basics that my wardrobe is missing.  I’m most excited about the trench coat! How am I 28 years old and have never owned one!? How does your current wardrobe match up against this checklist? Yolanda Renee was able to put together 10+ different outfits using just these items!!  Check back to see my fits and finds! Until then BE anything but basic!

BE Blessed: Today I am blessed to have a love of self.

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