FabEllis Girls Road Trip!

Along this journey, I’ve learned you have to take the good with the bad!! Some days cooperate, some days don’t! But let’s start with the good, shall we?

The Event (The GOOD): E-Flyer

Fellow blogger Ashley of FabEllis celebrated her 2 year natural hair and blog anniversary this past weekend with an event dubbed “The FabEllis Two.” Being that she was one of the first fashion blogs I followed, I decided to take a road trip to Raleigh, North Carolina to support and celebrate with her!! Aside from the Fashionista that she is, FABELLIS gives you a dose of daily inspiration alongside her tips and styles. When I first started this journey it was refreshing to find someone that wasn’t just helping women be beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.


“The FABEllis Two” was totally free and was held at Clothes Hound which was a quaint boutique with cute clothing pieces and accessories! The girls and I had spent the day shopping at the local mall, but I did end up picking up a cute watch! With the 20% off for the event, why not!? The event was filled with natural hair beauties trading tips, styles, and stylists. I even won a prize!! A bag full of goodies and products to try!




Outfit details (The BAD):

600609_4904047192712_1433837908_nFor the night, the original plan was to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with a white top and a white blazer and a shoe that made the whole thing pop! I had previously read that a white blazer was a great addition to a wardrobe and it could add a crisp clean element to an outfit. However, as a plus size girl, white also makes you look bigger. BUT, try everything, right?? The boyfriend jeans were a no go, I didn’t like the ones I packed once I put them on so I ended up in a pair of skinny jeans…which may have been where I went wrong, I’m not sure! But skinny on the bottom and large on the top sounds like a recipe for a BALLOON disaster! The white blazer I purchased from Forever 21+ for around $28 along with a pocket white top. The shoes I found on clearance at DSW while we were there and with the 50% off they came to about $24. 560178_262544290543517_792450153_nWe snapped a few photos and when I looked back at them I realized I didn’t like the outfit at all! I’m not sure exactly what it was; the outfit itself, the angle of the picture, or just the fact that I’m a very bad poser…but it wasn’t a shining moment for me! I’m super critical of photos, so it may just be all in my head, but in sharing this journey with you guys I vow to share not just the pretty, but the pretty bad too! I will try the blazer again, differently and see if my mind changes about it. How would YOU have styled it?

The event was great, all of the women were very nice, I got to work on networking and talking to people (I’m kinda shy!), and we capped the night with dinner – my first sushi experience!! All in all, I had a GREAT time, got to experience a new place, made some new friends and reconnected with some old ones!! A total relaxing break away from my normal chaotic life that was just for me! I find at times we all NEED that! A special special thank you to FABELLIS for her hospitality and making sure we were taken care of from door to door!!

600483_4904046192687_601730422_n 544584_4904047552721_1259169182_n 487901_4904046752701_615056177_n

One thought on “FabEllis Girls Road Trip!

  1. Again, thank you for coming! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your friends and I really appreciate the gift you gave me. 🙂 I’m also glad you enjoyed where you stayed and had a great time. I definitely think you are being too hard on yourself. I thought you looked FAB! 🙂

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