Crop It Like It’s Hot!

Some days along this journey are trying, they take you outside of your box! But it’s important that you PUSH because you never know, you might surprise yourself! I’ve been reading reviews about crop tops for plus size women and I will admit, at first the sheer thought of showing my tummy and all the road maps my children left on it made me think this was one trend that wouldn’t get a review from me. Instead I pushed my level of comfort and went ahead and ordered this crop top from ASOS for $21.05.


It came in the mail and I took the ENTIRE box into the bathroom so that me and my crop top could have some privacy. I wasn’t sure I was ready for me to see it, let alone anyone else. I had it on at first with a pair of wide leg pants and thought it was a little too bold of me! So I paired it with a high waist pencil skirt that came up a bit further and WHA-LAH! crop1

The top came down far enough in the back to cover those problem areas…(yall know what I mean!) and the skirt came up high enough in the front to where when it all came together, all there was to be seen was a sliver of tummy that gave the illusion of showing skin!! I tossed my trench coat from JCPenny ($20) on over it and headed to my mom’s for dinner. I think I shocked my family, hell I shocked myself, but it felt so good…almost like I had broken down a wall that let loose an inner sexy. I’m still not sure if the world is ready for that yet, so still it hangs in my closet until the next time I’m ready to release my inner Beyonce! I read a few reviews that said if you weren’t completely comfortable you could put a camisole under it (mayBE a lace one?) or I’d recommend putting on a blazer over it if you need to. Below are a couple other options from ASOS that I’m looking to purchase. BE fierce even when you’re afraid!

BE Blessed: Today I am blessed with a dose of self-confidence! It adds flare to any outfit!

crop2 crop2close crop3


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