Goody Two Shoes Tuesday!!

HAPPY TUESDAY!! With the F.I.T Event behind us (recap coming very soon, we had a BLAST!), I wanted to start some new features on the blog.  Today will kick off the first, “Goody Two Shoes Tuesdays”! I search the web often for hot, new, and unique shoes and sales so every Tuesday I’ll pick a pair from my files to share with you guys and give you the where and how much!  Prices will range from STEAL to SPLURGE!  Some shoes will come from my personal collection, and some may come from company’s that I’ve run across, but haven’t yet had the pleasure of doing business with.  So if you ever happen to see a pair on here and decide to purchase them, please do share your experience with everyone. Sharing is caring, so let’s get started!!

Today’s feature is from Kami Shade and it is the Stiletto Goddess Gold Plated Platform Heels.  I am IN LOVE with platforms right now for several reason, 1. They add a bit of SEXY to any outfit and 2. They tend to be more comfortable for me because I have a very flat foot and I’ve found that most platforms don’t distort my foot to an unnatural angle. Some people are intimidated by platforms because they look so high, but I always say to try a pair and see! A lot of what you see is merely SHOE.  Pay attention to where your foot actually goes, most times it’s at the same angle as a much lower heel and you just get some additional lift.  This particular shoe is a 6inch heel and it comes in a variety of colors. Featured below are the Black, Pink, and a Neon. The cost is $119.  What do you think? Which color do you like? How would you wear them? Is $119 a STEAL or a SPLURGE? BE a Goddess!

kamishade2 kamishade3 kamishade1 kamishade2-1

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