Preserve Your Sexy!

ptst_bannerHAPPY HUMP DAY!! Fashion MaBE is all about my journey into fashion, but it also includes things and challenges I face along this journey.  It is just as important that our inside be as beautiful as our outside; and that can mean several things, from our confidence, to our self-esteem, to our knowledge of self.  Today though, I’m referring to our health.

I’ve been trying to make progress in this weight loss thing for YEARS.  I recently turned 29 and as with every year, I said ‘this is the year to get it right!’.  These last few years I haven’t been able to hold myself to that statement. So here we are at year 29 and I’m making that promise to myself again, because I don’t believe in quitting and I believe that it’s NEVER too late to start. My life is in such a different place right now, I’m learning to love and accept my outside and while I love my curves, I need to get healthy. For those who don’t know me, I had a stroke at the age of 18 and that thought lingers in my head daily when I consider my health. I want to get healthy for me, but also so that I’m around to see my children grow into the men I’m raising.

It dawned on me that this relationship is the longest relationship I’ve had; my relationship with food. My name is Jaimee and I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m sad. I eat when I have a good day. I eat when I have a bad day!  The other day I got some bad news, and the first thing I wanted? A Krispy Kreme doughnut!! Just typing that released some kind of happiness from a happy gland! HA!

Well I’m ready to end this relationship and while I know the road won’t be easy, I’ve got to get on it!  I’ve started taking baby steps by switching out foods with better substitutes like wheat and whole grain breads.  I’ve also joined a 90 day challenge and followed some fellow fitness bloggers on their journey.  I’ve purchased all new workout gear (this is a fashion blog, right!?) and a workout bag, signed up at the gym…now, I just have to get moving!!

I’m starting this weekend by joining Black Girls Run for their Preserve the Sexy Tour in Richmond, VA!  It’s a one day conference that features all kinds of seminars and discussions with Black Girls Run founders Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, a great lineup of speakers, and a presentation on their “Walk Before You Run” Program. I’ve got my shirt and I’m IN IT TO WIN IT!! BE sexy!!


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