STYLIN with Fashion MaBE!

Over the weekend I spent some girl time with my right hand girl, my sister! It was SO beautiful outside Sunday so we took advantage of the sunshine and did some outdoor shots for her blog and followed that with our other favorite pastime, SHOPPING! You guys know by now that I have a sliiiiiiiiiiiight accessory addiction, I love all things unique that will stand out in a crowd. I also love to support my local businesses!

harnessSo after finding this body harness online from local boutique Stylin, I decided to take a trip to Camp Springs, MD to check out their selection and meet the shop owner.  To my surprise, we pulled up to the address listed and found not just the Stylin Boutique, but “The Market.” The Market was a long hallway lined with individual boutiques, selling everything from vintage purses and jewelry to urban clothing. StylinAs we rounded the corner we came to Shop 24, Stylin Boutique. My accessory binge began immediately!

The walls were lined with unique pieces and the shop had a bunch of sales going on. I picked up 6 bracelets to add to my collection for $20!

While I originally went there for the body harness, it didn’t quite fit my curves, but my loss is your gain! How would you style it? I had plans on getting it and playing around with it to see what would look good, but I was thinking something edgy!

The shop owner was so sweet and the customer service was awesome! I originally wanted to pick up the piece to rock during my birthday week celebration and she was willing to meet with me outside of shop hours to make sure I had what I needed to bring my birthday outfit together!


If you’re in the area, you can check them out Saturdays from 11am-6pm & Sundays from 12pm-3pm.

6345 Old Branch Ave.
“SHOP 24”
Camp Springs, MD 20748

On our way out, we stopped and checked out a couple of the other shops that were open (some were closed on Sundays) and found these pieces:

pearlrope Belt

Our shopping trip worked up an appetite for something sweet! Sweet Frog it was!!
sweet frog

BE an explorer of fashion! Some of the best things are hidden! I look forward to visiting some of the other local boutiques so if you have any recommendations, do share in the comments section below!

6 thoughts on “STYLIN with Fashion MaBE!

  1. I really like those bangles and that neck piece. Definitely will have to check this place out!

    • Not far at all…it’s actually right off of Allentown Road. “Camp Springs” threw me off! When I pulled up (thanks to GPS) I knew EXACTLY where I was, but never knew this Market was there!

  2. Camp Spings is a bit of a drive for me…and I live in PG! But I may have to check this Market out.

    Thanks for this post and shining a spotlight to a new boutique.

    • Where are you in PG? This is right on Allentown Road…I took exit 7A(or B) off 495. It was maybe 5 mins off the exit. Thanks for coming by to check out my blog! I LOVE comments!!

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