We Thru a F.I.T with Makeup Artist Dee Marie


This recap is lonnnnng overdue! I apologize, life has been running a mile a minute! I have a video that I’m trying to edit and share on YouTube of the class as well (pray for me on that!), but I wanted to give you a recap with pics in the meantime. The photos speak for themselves, so I’ll give you my recap and then you can dive into the photos!

First let me start by saying makeup artist Dee Marie was awesome! I could’ve never guessed we’d be in for such a treat when we chose her to feature at our first F.I.T Event.


This event was geared to helping ladies find a style to fit their face!  Once I ventured into fashion, makeup kinda went hand in hand with it. I started trying different things and let’s just say that the cosmetic world can be a bit overwhelming to someone who’s unfamiliar.  We bought in Dee Marie to help guide us along this journey, giving us tips, money saving tricks, and skincare benefits!  One of our attendees, whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, said she’d scowered local beauty schools for classes similar and they all ranged around the $120 price point. We equipped the ladies with a pen and pad and put this show on for a simple $10!!

We started off the class by raffling off a full face to be BEAT by the one and only Miss Dee Marie, and Kelly of Loving Your Lifestyle was the lucky winner!! She was the perfect model!


Dee started off with some skincare preparation, giving attendees her recommended products for maintaining great skin and priming the skin for your makeup.  She moved on to foundation, color matching and concelers and taught us how to warm the concealer to the skin for better blending (This was a gem, it made all the difference in my new routine).



Later she took the look from day to night, showing us how a very natural face can easily turn to an evening look with a smokey eye – a technique I was looking forward to since my smokey eye formerly looked more like a black eye!  Along the way Dee shared all her favorite products with us and where to find them, as well as popular celebrity makeup secrets and techniques that we could all do at home on our own.


We ended the session with a Q&A and demos for each of the ladies where Dee showed us how to apply our own professional looking lashes at home with some lash therapy! A look that costs me $50 at my local shop.

Another young lady questioned whether she could pull off a colored lip and by the time Dee was done, she left with a new found confidence in her new red lip!  The ladies were all so stunning after their demos!! Everyone went home with a Fashion MaBE F.I.T Kit filled with Tool Essentials from E.L.F Cosmetics and a pop of color lipstick from Wet & Wild! And what would an event be without cupcakes! Georgetown Cupcakes customized our cupcakes to put the icing on our F.I.T Event!

I loved this event and what it provided to not just me, but to the other ladies in attendance.  As I go along this journey I hope to have many more F.I.T Events that cover all different aspects of my journey that I’d like to share with you, so please keep your eyes open and continue to support them.  They are as much for you as they are for me!  THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support our first event and to our sponsor Sean Marie, who provided our door prizes and had myself, Dee Marie, and our photographer looking great in our GRITT Studs!

I am proud to BE a F.I.T Chick! Enjoy the photos!

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photo_5 photo_1 IMG_20130221_182036 IMG_20130221_182422

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