FM Gold Star Product: Buoy 6 Nautical Rope Accessories

A couple months ago while browsing online, a few nautical bracelets caught my eye. They are made out of nautical rope and hardware closures and I thought the idea of them was so unique and the array of colors would be a fresh addition to my spring accessories. I entered a contest/giveaway to win one and wasn’t chosen, but by then my accessory addiction had kicked in and I had to have them! I did some price comparisons and these bracelets were going for around $60 a piece. At that price I figured I could splurge on ONE, but what fun would that be? I loved how they were shown stacked and paired with other bracelets, a girl needs more than one!

il_570xN_298751854I came across Buoy 6 on Etsy and not only did they carry a wide range of colors, styles, and silver & gold hardware pieces, they also started at BELOW $20! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I could buy 3 for the price of other stores’ one! You’d think that alone would earn them a Fashion MaBE Gold Star, but that was just the beginning of my great experience with this company.

I struggle with finding bracelets that fit my wrists because my wrists are larger than the average girl. These bracelets are made to fit about a 6”-7” wrist and after measuring mine, I was closer to an 8”-8.5” especially if I had plans on using these pieces for the popular ‘stacking’ trend. I contacted the Etsy shop owner, Juli, and explained to her my ‘issue’ and to my surprise I found a fellow curvy girl who was more than happy to accommodate my larger wrist size! Talk about PUMPED!! She was AWESOME!!

icm_fullxfull_25569203_jpu33d7ys8gsg8ccgsk0My custom order arrived within 5 business days in adorable packaging and they fit perfectly! These fun pieces will make a cute & unique addition to any outfit! Please stop by the Buoy 6 Etsy shop and have a look around! Another great find to add to the Fashion MaBE Gold Star Products!

il_570xN_412850938_o45m il_570xN_431276101_re9s

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