Preserve The Sexy Tour Recap

72771_4556662716277_1815302875_n550024_10151342390807894_2114071720_nLast week I shared how much of this journey is about fashion, but it’s about beauty on the inside as well as the outside!  Realizing it’s time to get my health in order, I decided to kick things off with the Black Girl’s Run Preserve the Sexy Tour.  I would’ve never guessed how much of an all-encompassing treat I was in store for.

The conference was a statement, an empowerment of women of all shapes, sizes and tones. I felt proud to be part of something so positive amongst such a large group of black women who had decided their health was worth it! There was a sea of plus-size women sharing their stories of trial and triumph and encouraging each other to just take one step at a time.  If you can’t run, then walk. Just be active. They shared all of our plus-size struggles from thighs chaffing to the proper sports bra support.

Natural hair is also trending throughout our community and it’s such a beautiful thing! The conference featured Miss Black USA 2012-2013 Selena Watkins and she shared her decision to compete rocking her natural curl and not compromising or conforming to the ideals of society on what beauty is.  She was followed by natural hairstylist Karen Wilson who taught us “Health Before Hair” and how to maintain healthy hair while maintaining a healthy body.  She showed us everything from how to do a twist-out to how to pack your gym bag.  She covered techniques and products for both natural and relaxed hair.

Lastly, Katrice Mayo, a local nutritionist, helped us learn what foods fuel our body and the best times to workout. I left Richmond with my mind, body, and soul full and ready to get moving on their 11 week Walk Before You Run Program! I’m two days in – alternating walk days and rest days for the first two weeks to get your heart rate use to physical activity – and it’s going great!  it rained during my first walk, but I was determined to not let it deter me. I threw on my hat, grabbed my music and got going. 3.19 miles later I felt GREAT!!  I had some problems with my ankles hurting, but from the conference I learned the importance of getting properly fitted for a shoe, so that’s next on my list.

BE sexy and fit.

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