Weekend Wear: Breakfast Brunch

This weekend kicks off my sister’s 31st birthday festivities and she has lined up some winery tours and a ladies brunch with some of her closest girlfriends.  While my outfit for the winery tours will need to be something comfortable, I’d like to give a pop of glam for the brunch! We’ll be seated so I can rock a hot heel!!  I ordered the DiVinci coral platform heels from Heavenly Soles a little while back and have only gotten to wear them one time, so they’re my shining star for this weekend’s breakfast brunch!

With spring FINALLY arriving here in the DMV I put together this look that gives grunge a splash of spring! This is a great way to doll up a tee shirt and nothing says spring like coral! I plan to take this inspiration and pull a few pieces from my closet that I already have. What do you think? I’ll check in on Monday and let you guys know how this turned out! Have a great weekend!

3-20-2013 3-46-04 PM



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