A Birthday Brunch & A Bunch of Sisterly Stuff!

HAPPY MONDAAAAAY!! But not just any ole Monday! Not even just a snowy spring Monday! Nope! Today is special! It’s my big sister’s 31st BIRTHDAY MONDAY!! So I’d like to start by wishing her the BEST of birthdays!! She is my rock, my right hand, my supporter, my inspiration, my motivation…she’s the best! So I hope that today and every day after brings her the best this world has to offer!  I spent the weekend doing all kinds of birthday fun things with her and her friends to include a winery tour at Paradise Springs Winery, some shopping in Old Towne Virginia, and an AWESOME brunch on Sunday at Jackson 20 (no really, if you’re in the area, get there…FAST! The food is A-MAZING) in Alexandria.

This weekend I debuted the outfit I shared on Friday with the camo & coral.  I originally thought all hope was lost, I had seen those pants everywhere, but you know how it works when you’re looking for something? You can’t find it anywhere.  Well I finally found the pants in DOTS after not being able to find my size in Rainbow.  The pants were $19.99 and they’re jeggings and very comfortable.  The T-shirt I got from the H&M plus size section for either $12.95 or $17.95.  And finally, the coral pumps I got from Heavenly Soles for $55.00. I paired it with gold jewelry that I already had; necklace F21 $4.80, earrings were gifted by my sister from Aldo.  All in all, it came together well, I was actually impressed at how well the colors went together even though they didn’t necessarily match.  I learned that you really do have to own your outfit. You have to love it, you have to feel good in it and be confident.  I walked around in it a bit at home because I had an original awkwardness in adjusting to the fact that it didn’t match match. I even took off the coral shoe and tried it with a black pump…which was still cute, but it defeated the purpose of me trying something that I hadn’t tried before or wouldn’t normally try. Check it out! What do you think? What other color would make camouflage pop? BE confident thru discomfort.

Janelle Bday4 Janelle Bday1 Janelle Bday3 Janelle Bday2 Janelle Bday0 Janelle Bday01


2 thoughts on “A Birthday Brunch & A Bunch of Sisterly Stuff!

  1. Thank you!! My boobs look SO HUGE! LOL! BUT I just learned how to fix that! But I already had this outfit planned, but I will share the tips and ideas I was given by a fellow blogger this week!

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