Fashion MaBE Asks Alela Sirah!


Have you guys seen those body type charts? They’re supposed to give you advice on the best ways to dress your body type, be it an ‘apple’, a ‘pear’, or a ‘hourglass’…well I’m sure it’s useful if you fit one of them, but what happens when you don’t.  Who guides us? I went in search of a better chart, that included more body types, and figured out that I’m more of a rectangle. I have broad shoulders, 42DDs, a size 16 waist, no hips, a wide calf, BUT I get skinny around the ankle! HA!

I came across a fellow blogger Alela Sirah of Fashionably Speak’N and she has a feature on her blog called “Ask Alela Sirah” where she takes questions on fashion from readers and provides assistance to us lost along this road!! So I submitted my question about the body type guide and their missing shape and asked her for some assistance on what pieces I should be looking for and how, as a plus size woman, to find my waist…or create one! Here’s what Alela said:


WHO KNEW!?  EVERY pair of pants I own right now are skinny…because I think they make my butt look nice LOL! And because I think they make a hot pump, pop! BUT I can definitely see the balloon with a string affect it creates.  So back to the drawing board I go! ask_alela_sirah_6Not only did she provide an answer to my frustrations, but she also provided examples of items that would flatter my shape from some of the stores I frequent and are budget friendly! 

During this journey, you may learn a thing or two, but never be ashamed to ask for help! BE curious! I follow TONS of bloggers, plus size and otherwise.  There is tons of information out here for you even if you don’t fit the fashion script!

THANK YOU to Alela Sirah! Check out Fashionably Speak’N!

4 thoughts on “Fashion MaBE Asks Alela Sirah!

  1. Interesting…but I don’t even know how to describe my shape to her to begin. lol Let me think about this!!! Thanks much! Great advice! BTW…I love that tan and black dress on the bottom right. HOT-TA!

    • Refresh the page, you saw it before I added the chart! That black and tan dress is from ASOS! I’ll be adding that to my collection as soon as this snow goes away!!

  2. I see the chart now…and still don’t know! lol It’s like I’m a cross between looking like an Inverted Triangle minus the boobs and add that bottom pouch area. LOL

  3. These are some wonderful tips! I am still trying to figure out what my type is! I’m pretty straight up and down so I guess if I had to pick from those above, it would be diamond or oval… that pretty much sums it up! I LOVE all of these outfit picks!

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