Necklaces And Necklines!

It’s finally starting to warm up here and I was looking to add some spring colors into my wardrobe.  My favorite color is black and I tend to be hesitant about color, with the exception of a ‘pop of color’, but the easiest way for me to incorporate colors is through accessories I loooooove accessories.  I’ve been looking to add more necklaces and came across a store called Charming Charlie online.  They do not offer online purchases, however I found one close to home at the National Harbor and figured it’d be the perfect way to spend my Easter day with my sister and my mom!


This store is accessory heaven!! I walked in and was immediately overwhelmed by how much stuff they had and how awesomely arranged and color coordinated the entire store was.  I would’ve spent all day in there!!SHOPS_SHOP_CHARMING_CHARLIE I often struggle finding bracelets that fit my wrist, but mostly every bracelet in this store either opened, stretched, or was made just a tad bigger so everything fit perfectly!  I will certainly have to go back now that my initial shock and excitement has worn off, I can now focus!  I went in for necklaces and came out with everything but a necklace!

Charming-CharlieI just wanted to share my store find and this guide they have for what necklaces go with what neckline.  When I go back this will come in handy!!  Have you been to Charming Charlie? I encourage you all to go and BE charmed! I was!!

484756_10151473196269764_544493760_n zebrastripebracelet15 hootpursuitbracelet15 chainlinkfriendshipbracelet10 arrowcuff10

2 thoughts on “Necklaces And Necklines!

  1. OMG!!! I didn’t know it looks like that in there! lol I would go crazy! But, I’m definitely going to check this store out. Thanks much!

    • I could not WAIT to get this up for you! LOL!! I was truly overwhelmed! I had my ‘stack’ planned in my head (the pics are what I wanted to get), but I got in there and was like a kid in a candy store! I got home last night and looked at my purchases and they were SO random! LMAO! I STILL don’t have a stack! But I have two new watches and some braclets, necklaces, and earrings and a purse! LOL! And it’s all very inexpensive to me. I often look on Bauble Bar and it’s like $20-$25 for a bangle. Most of theirs are around $10/each AND THEY FIT!!!! WOOT WOOOOT!

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