Shopper’s Block

I started off my journey budgeting $100 per paycheck to ‘explore’ the world of fashion, but the more I explored, the more I found, and the more I spent. Here we are 3 months in and I’m realizing I’m getting carried away! I keep feeling like I’m looking at the same pieces in my wardrobe, but I’m learning that that’s OK nothing a little swapping won’t fix!  Remember one of my first post on essentials?  A fellow blogger took those 10 separates and created multiple looks!  So in efforts to reel in my developing shopping addiction, I’m going back to my budget and doing more shopping in my closet.

It’s tough not to get caught up in trends because that’s what you see all over however, keep in mind what’s ‘hot’ now, might not be hot later and your pieces will begin to phase themselves out. Mix them in, but focus on classic pieces.  I’ve equipped my wardrobe with the essentials and I think I’ve got this! I’m going to try in the next week to mix and match what I have in some new ways!

Do you give yourself a clothing allowance? How do you stick to it? Until next time, BE discipline in your journey so that you don’t get in too far over your head!

4 thoughts on “Shopper’s Block

  1. Nope, I don’t give myself a clothing allowance…I really should though. I am noticing that the only time I spend money on an outfit is when I’m headed out or on vacation which doesn’t happen rarely.

    • That’s what I’m trying to get away from. Having to go buy something every time I go out. I’ve gotten better with that, but now it’s reviewing fashion and finding all these damn deals LOL! I want one of everything!!

  2. I don’t have a clothing allowance either. And if I did, I would’ve blown it because I spent about $200 in clothes this past weekend. But it was for work, so what can you do? I do recommend versatile clothing. Like the top I’m wearing today is sleeve less, so I’m wearing a blazer. But it’d go equally great with just jeans and a nice heel. Reel that budget back in girl! 🙂

    • Maybe that’s what it is…maybe my budget isn’t realistic? But then again on a continuous basis, I should be able to stick to $100 in a two week frame. That’s like 2 pieces or a piece and some accessorites. And if I get on this thrifting thing, I could really be good! LOL! But when I sat down to write this my thought really was, can I afford fashion for real! Thanks for coming by and sharing some tips! I’m all for versatile pieces too! Ones I can wear hot or cold, at the office or after hours!!

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