MaBE Try Thrifting?

I’ve found a whole new world of shopping! Browsing blogs and cute OOTD (Outfit of The Day) photos with pieces often credited to “Thrifted” and some super low dollar amount; like this outfit I saw on From the Rez to the City rocking this awesome striped dressed she got thrifting for $2!!

Where have I been? I am missing a whole other shopping world! I’ve talked to several people who swear by thrifting, but I can’t shake the images and smells of the Goodwill from shopping with my grandma when I was little. Never were there any of these cute pieces and they surely weren’t up to date fashions!

To say the least, recent shares peaked my interest so I’m partnering with the Yours/Mine: Secondhand Fashion Shopping Soiree for a day of upscale secondhand shopping & thrifting tips!! This will be my very first thrifting experience and I’m inviting YOU to join me! With some goodies in my Fashion MaBE grab bag to share with readers who find me there, I’ll venture to the NOMA District to shop some of the best pop up stores in DC. Shopping, makeovers, networking…all for FREE, what better way to spend your day?? Here’s your invitation! Mark your calendars for Saturday May 4, 2013 and let YMSSS know you’re coming by registering here:

2 thoughts on “MaBE Try Thrifting?

  1. Sounds like fun! My kids love thrifting and actually come home with some pretty nice stuff. The key is to find a couple of faves. They should be organized and smell free…lol

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