SONday Fun Day!!

601626_4528197124655_1428675903_nWe’re back in the swing of the things after the boys being out of school for a week for spring break.  I had some parental guilt as some times it’s hard to balance work life, school life, and family time.  I am admittedly a workaholic to give them all the things life has to offer, so me taking a week off to go on some grand vacation or getaway just wasn’t in the plans. I felt bad that they’d spend the whole week off doing ‘nothing’.  Granted, I probably do something with my kids on a weekly basis and they typically want for everything but need nothing!

It was spring break and I wanted to have a day with just us doing something totally silly and fun so I turned in a leave slip for Friday and hopped on Google to find an activity that we could squeeze into a 3 day weekend!  I came across a resort with an indoor waterpark…too expensive for a last-minute plan, I looked at our timeshare in Williamsburg…off season so nothing is really open, even looked at Great Wolfe Lodge…who had lost their mind wanting $700 for a one night stay! Out of town was clearly out of the question!  So I started looking for something closer to home and you’d think living in the city there’d be plenty to do! But I wanted something high on the fun factor scale because you know when you go back to school, the first assignment is to write a paper and ‘Tell Us About Your Spring Break”.  I wanted my kids to have a story to tell that consisted of more than sitting home playing online tournaments via XBox Live!

I decided on a day at Dave & Busters, what I like to call a more grown up Chuck E Cheese, where an adult can be a kid too!  I had never been and had been saying for a while I wanted to go.  So I kept it a secret and got up Friday morning after rush hour and told the kids to get dressed.  They moaned and asked if we were going to the mall again before finally being ready.  The whole way there they tried to guess where we were going and what we were doing. It took forever to get to our ‘local’ Dave & Busters, but the look on their faces when we walked in and it opened up to a huge arcade made it all worth wild.  I spent the day whooping some tails in air hockey and being beat badly in basketball…just some fun QT with my guys. I had in mind a movie and some video game store stops, but the bill came and before I knew it I had spent $93! Time to go home kids!  I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. I love being a mom and building memories with them makes life grand, gives it purpose.

Where do you get away with your kids? What’s a local quick stop? And what’s your favorite out of town family fun?

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