HAPPY MONDAY!! How was your weekend? I’ve been trying to be more active and get a grasp on my health. I’ve started trying to eat better and exercise on a weekly basis which will hopefully soon turn into a daily routine!! Last weekend I went on what I thought was a leisurely stroll with my girls and the next day I could barely walk!! My muscles were so tight, the mere attempt to stand up and put weight on my legs hurt!! So after a week of sliding down the steps on my butt, a friend of mine showed me some stretches to loosen the muscle and told me to look into a better shoe! She suggested a local and independent store called Metro Run & Walk so my sister and I decided to check them out!

I was dreading purchasing my first official walking/running shoe because they’re not normally the cutest shoes! I love my toe shoes and any other minimalist shoe because they’re slim and cute (and make my size 10s, look more like 8s!),  but they tend to do little for my form or support.  To my surprised I walked into Metro Run & Walk and immediately found a bunch of cute minimalist shoes! All different color combinations and brands and just knew I was in for a treat! As my eyes scanned this shoe wall, a sign caught my eye!

MRW Sign

…Jesus, is that you!?!? As reality hit, a friendly voice asked if I needed any help.  My store associate, Ben, explained their comprehensive foot and gait evaluation and led me through a series of assessments to determine what kind of tennis shoe I’d need.  I explained to him the issues I was having when I exercised and he explained to me why those things were happening.  He asked if I had any questions and I said “Yes, just one right now…can I have one of those CUTE shoes!?”, Ben laughed and promised he’d do his best, but his priority was to help me find a shoe with the proper support.  I gave in, and we begun the shoe fittings! I tried on a few pair and took them for a trial  jog around the store to see which one felt better.

I came out with a pair of New Balances (~$113) that feel like little tiny clouds on the bottom of my feet!! The customer service made the entire experience wonderful and as I got to the counter I tried it one last time and asked Ben if the shoe I was eyeing could be ok for just weekend shopping or fun! LOL! He said no, but I’ll be back for that shoe, I’ve already planned an outfit around it!! LOL!!  In the meantime, I took my new babies out for a test drive Saturday afternoon because the weather was SO nice! After 2.52 miles, I was feeling good! No aches, no pains!  A BIG THANK YOU to the staff over at Metro Run & Walk! If you’re in the area, stop by, this place is AWESOME!!  They really take care of you!! I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable! Until next time, BE flexible in your journey! All that glitters isn’t gold!

**Fitness finds of the week: This green Gap Body Dry Fit top on clearance for $9.00 and my new Run Keeper APP (FREE)**


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