MaBE I’m Obsessed??

Morning! Here’s what I’ve been obsessing over this week!! What do you think?? What are you obsessing over??

Lipstick: Saw this two-toned lip trend from Wet & Wild and it peaked my interest! Wonder if I could pull this off and WHERE!? What do you think?twotonedlip








Nail/Top Finger Rings: I LOVE the dainty look of these little rings that are meant (I think-or do ppl just buy a normal ring in a smaller size? That’s what I did!) to be worn at the top of your finger.  I found this one at Charming Chalie last week for $8 and it just does something for the entire finger! I only wear mine on my ring finger. Nail Rings









My plus size ladies Breaking All the Rules: Stylish Curves is hosting a challenge, challenging plus size women to break the plus size fashion rules! No more limitations on what we can and can’t wear! It’s a powerful and motivating movement and I LOVE IT!  Most recently her readers took on the challenge of short shorts and those ladies WERKED!! I have an event next week and if the weather stays nice, I’ll be rocking mine!! Breaking all the rules









Monif C: I’m ALWAYS obsessing over her designs, she never fails!  Recently came across this romper on Style Chic 360’s Wednesday Wishlist and it blew me away!! It also comes in black, but this coral I’m LOVING…and thinking of a purple pump to pair with it!!










Vintage Shades: Last, but definitely not least, I came across fashion stylist/designer Edith Dohmen of Style Has No Size, in these vintage sunglasses!! HOT they are, but even better is they’re only $24 from Giant Vintage!! I checked out their site and ended up with a cart full of goodies! Cute shades for less…stand out this summer! BONUS: Edith Dohmen recently released her own line of clothes catered to women wearing inbetween sizes.  vintage

One thought on “MaBE I’m Obsessed??

  1. Awesome, that romper is so fab! I want it soooo bad! Just can’t figure out which color. Thanks for including my link! 🙂

    Great post!

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