Fashion Frustrations: Just keep building!

I don’t know where I expected to be 4 months into this journey, but I’m just not there yet!! My goal is to upgrade my wardrobe and to do a better job at putting together ‘fashionable’ outfits…and it just doesn’t appear to be happening, so I’m frustrated.  I read blogs daily and see all of these wonderful outfits that seem to be put together so effortlessly and wonder why mine don’t come together like that!?  I feel like I just have new clothes (and accessories), but nothing ‘upgraded’ about my new style compared to my previous style.  I’m not sure how to achieve that upgraded look! More expensive pieces? I’ve got the essentials, now how do I put them together to create such looks as my fashion blogger favs?

It’s frustrating, but my sister told me yesterday to just keep building my wardrobe!  So that’s what I’m doing in prayer that one day I’ll walk to my closet and be able to pull out something amazing!  In the meantime, I’ve gotten creative with what I do already have.  The other day I layered a solid green peplum top over a black and white print dress and it came out pretty cute!  When we had our tease of nice weather I pulled out some corduroy shorts and my riding boots and a cute top…surprised myself! I got stopped in the Rite Aid by a girl who said I look cute! BOOSTED!!  I just need to get creative and BE determined!  What do you do when your wardrobe seems to be out of options!?

I’m attending the Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree this weekend! I hope to make someone’s “old” my “new”!!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Frustrations: Just keep building!

  1. i have this problem often and I hate it. I know I have a ton of clothes but a closet full of nothing to wear. Sometimes its just about thinking a little bit more outside the box than usual. my new rule when shopping is that before I buy I have to come up with at least 3 different ways to wear the item and really think if it will add to my closet or stress me out about finding a way to style it (thank you polyvore & pinterest) If that works then I usually go ahead with my purchase excited to rock it in my own way. I also get inspiration from other bloggers and go look to see what I already have that can duplicate a look or be ‘inspired’ by it. This has changed the way I see my clothes. I don’t do as much impulse buying and I work really hard to be inspired daily and I play dress up a LOT. but it’s helped so much! good luck!

    • Thank you SO MUCH!! This helps!! Im very much an impulse shopper! A bunch of random pieces is what that gets ya!! I like the idea of styling it FIRST! I too have polyvore, im going to try that and getting more creative with my pieces. Someone recommended the 30×30 challenge, heard of it??

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