Wishful Wednesdays: The Mood I’m In

With Christmas having just passed my wish list is empty y’all! So instead I want to share something that I wish for YOU!  My sister hipped me to this Mood Calendar by The Daily Mood and I love it! Every morning I acknowledge how I’m feeling and it’s a great positive start to my day! Whether I’m in a good mood or a not so good mood, I acknowledge it and either love it or deal with it! I’m normally positive Polly, but I have my days!  On those days I set that mood and work to change it by the end of the day. Know that where you start doesn’t have to determine when you finish!













I ordered this from Amazon for $11.00.  There are a total of 47 moods to choose from. You can keep it at home, like me, or take it to work and have it on your desk. It makes for good conversation at the cubicle farm! Enjoy!

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