Thursday’s Tip: The 10 Minute Face

I want to put together some tips I’ve learned and adopted; some things that work for me and will hopefully work for you. We’ll share these on Thursdays going forward. Today’s tip is the 10 Minute Face.  Last year, I dived in head first into makeup and held our first F.I.T Event that focused on finding a style that fit your face. Makeup basics if you will.  Makeup artist Dee Marie was our instructor and she covered products and techniques to help us newcomers become pros [in our head].  I’ve dibbled and dabbled, some days going full face, but wanted to get a routine down that I could do in literally 10 minutes or less and be out the door. I’m a mother of 2, so time is not always on my side.  My quick routine consist of the following:



BB Crème/Foundation/Concealer: Any individual application OR combination depending on what you want. Some days I use just my BB Crème for something very light, other days I got for foundation or concealer.  Simply spot treat your face. Hit those dark spots or spots you want to cover up. For me, it’s under my eyes and around my mouth. (Don’t forget to blend) the goal here is to just even out your face. It should give an airbrushed/finished look.

Highlight: I use my NARS Triple to highlight down the center of my nose and on the tops of my cheek bone.

Lipstick/Liner: I line my lips with a cocoa/brown liner and apply a lipstick on the inside

Mascara: Thanks to my mom, this has become my jewel! I LOVE the look lashes give, but it takes me forever to get them on. Mascara is my quick fix for that.

That’s it! Typing it all out probably took me longer than it takes me to do it. I’m contemplating a video to show you guys this takes NO time and makes a difference! Let me know if you’re interested.

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