SONday Kartastrophe

Over the Thanksgiving break, I traveled with my sons to Ohio to visit family. While there we found an indoor go-kart place! We’d never been real go kart racing before because the ones here in VA the kids have to take a class to get a ‘license’ for. I’m not sure who was more excited, them or ME!

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There were two heaps, the adults where the karts went 45mph and the kids where the karts only went 25mph.  The lady at the counter told me in order to race against my kids I’d have to race in the kids race. I didn’t mind, that’s probably where I belonged anyway and I told myself I’d take it easy on all the other kids, except my own! They were going DOWN! We checked in and got suited up and I had talked SO much trash that I knew I had better beat them or I’d hear about it the whole plane ride home [and then for months to come]! I paid extra to have the helmet cam on my helmet to capture this awesome defeat and everything!  We headed out to the track and one of the employees gave us our kart numbers. We raced to our karts, me, excited that I was in the first one.  As everyone climber into theirs, I lowered myself into mine once the man adjusted it for legroom, and got the biggest reality check ever. I didn’t fit! Not only was I in the kids race, but I was in the kids KART!

Now I have learned to love my curves, but no amount of love was going to squeeze my hips into that seat! I couldn’t get out, I had come too far now. I had to figure out a way to make it work. Somehow not fitting into this seat equaled me disappointing my kids and that made me even more determined. I sucked it in and forced myself into that seat, surely cracking my hip bone; just a hairline fracture.  The man came around to make sure everyone’s seatbelt was fastened and I prayed to the high heavens that the seatbelt was long enough. Jesus saw how hard I was working and granted me that small blessing. I was ready!  All I could do was hope I didn’t look like the stuffed sausage that I felt like!  The man blew the whistle and none of that mattered anymore.  I was there to have fun with my boys. The pain in my hips stopped and the cramp in my thigh was relieved when I extended my foot and pressed the gas pedal to the floor!  We were off!

I laughed and threw up the deuces to the kids as I whipped around the track and into pit row as we finished, just knowing I had won.  They cut the karts off and told us to remove our seatbelts and get out and I realized then that I was STUCK! I had fit myself so well into the seat that it was now holding my hips hostage.  Out of embarrassment I quickly squirmed and wiggled to get out before my sons got to my kart. I managed to get out by taking off my shoes.  My rocky victory pose was more for me getting out of that kart than me having possibly won. It didn’t matter, the smiles on their faces and the fun we had made it all worth it. Excederin back and body would take care of the rest.

Sometimes you just have to laugh; at yourself and at life experiences. I, by no means, think at 30 I should be able to fit in a child size go kart, however it was my reality check that there is work to be done on my outside. Loving your curves is important. Being healthy is even more important. I know it’s taboo, but it’s surely one of my New Year’s resolutions because never do I want my weight to keep me from doing things with my children.  I’ve dusted them in races, I’ve played basketball, I’ve played football.  Those are life long memories and we have many more to make!  The one we made that day was that mommy LOST, but it was the most fun I’d ever had losing and I have it all on tape; even me at the end struggling to get out of the kart! Great!! [end sarcasm]

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