Let’s Get Intimate

Hey LOVElies!! It’s the month of LOVE! Some of us look forward to it and some of us dread it! Either way, find someone you love (a friend or mate), find something you love (shopping or shoes), and find a way to give love which is the greatest gift!

In the spirit of love, let’s get intimate, shall we?


I’ve found that foundations are key when trying to look more put together.  The perfect outfit or dress can turn into a disaster once you put it on without the proper undergarments.  Typically, I’ve grabbed underwear and shapewear out of Target or Walmart (who DO offer some GREAT affordable options), I’ve ordered some cheap options from Amazon, hell, I’ve even done a few DIY bodyshapers out of control top stockings…side eye? This is a judgment free zone! HA!  Anyhoo, I wanted to up my game a little bit to find some under garments that smoothed my curves and created the shape I had in mind.

Researching, I found everything from reviews, suggestions, and waist training corsets (yikes!).  I figured I’d start light. I cleared out my underwear drawer and took inventory of what I already had.  Like I said, I had previously purchased some shapewear, however I learned they were medium control which is for your everyday wear.  So at least I had that covered already.  What I was looking for now was something that would have me (in the words of Tamar Braxton) SNATCHED!!  My 30th birthday is coming up next month and I have a body conscious dress in mind! After reading through reviews I decided to go with the Spanx Higher Power Brief.  It has a high waist so it comes all the way up to right under your bra for a smooth transition.

The tips I found said to make sure to get it in a size that pulls you in, but does not cut into your skin (I would imagine that would create a bulge, which defeats the purpose).  I looked at the size chart and saw that the “E” covers a large range and was originally worried that it wouldn’t ‘pull’ as I was supposed to be looking for.  I kept researching and found a youtube video review and saw how small the “E” actually was and went for it.  I ordered mine from Amazon for just under $36 with free shipping. I got mine and it did a wonderful job at smoothing things out, but it didn’t “pull” the way I wanted it to.

I may try some different brands or go down in size.  I read a few tips that said you can layer shapewear as well…listen, just don’t pass out. That’s my disclaimer! HA!


Now that the middle is under control, let’s move up top! Have you ever been fitted for a bra? Properly fitted? I’ll be 30 soon and I haven’t.  I have that on my to-do list. In the meantime I have my eye on these loves! Right now Lane Bryant has a sale going on; spend $75 and get $25 off, spend $150 and get $50 off, and spend $225 and get $75 off!! Perfect for adding a little ‘sexy’ to the drawer!

pr_199180_1X pr_197665_1W_252600

Finally, let’s talk panties!!  As I said, I cleaned out my drawer and while I added some everyday underwear, I wanted to add some fancy to my drawer.  Typically plus size underwear with some sass runs you about $10-$12 each, which isn’t bad. I truly believe cute underwear, like high heels, can change your whole mood! So they’re necessary!  Vicky can’t hold any of my secrets, so I went in search of another option and came across a site called Volupties.  They are an underwear subscription service catering to women sizes 1X-3X (16-26) that allows you to sign up to receive three pairs of quality brand underwear a month…for the same price you’d spend on ONE pair in the store!  They pretty much pick what you get each month in terms of cut, however you do have the option to opt out of thongs if you choose.  I loved the idea of my additions being a surprise, so I signed up!  I am on month 2 and have no regrets!!  The first month I got a pair of boyshorts, a pair of briefs, and a pair of frilly/ruffle briefs that were my favorite.  I love that they come to me and I get a treat each month!  You can cancel or change your size any time.  They also offer non plus size options under their “Splendies” subscription.


Your canvas is now ready to paint!! And paint the town I plan to do!  Stay tuned!


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