Building Beauty

A big part of building self-love for me has been to surround myself with it! Everything from memes, to scripture, to other fabulous plus size women that look like me! Anything motivational! Daily reminders that tell me, ‘hey! You’re beautiful!’ Whether it be a Pinterest board or a physical vision board, have constant confirmation. I text myself quotes, I have quotes as screen settings, I have pop up reminders, you name it! From IG to Facebook, I’ve created the positive space around me!

I’ve lived this past year by the popular motto ‘fake it til you make it’! A while back I watched a Necole Bitchie interview with Tamar Braxton who is known to be over the top FABULOUS! Someone asked her about how she developed her confidence and she said this:

2-24-2015 11-25-49 AM

Even now, that just makes me snap my fingers!! The truth of the matter is, when I started believing it, it started to show…others started to see it, and they believed it too.

It’s so funny how it all comes full circle. Everything ties together. This journey started out as a journey into fashion, but it was so much deeper than fashion. You have to love you, to care about you. When you care about you, you care about how you present you to the world. You then put effort into you, it makes you feel good and it shows! A friend of mine got me into positive affirmations and I am LIVING for them right now! Simply saying them, releases positive happy juices!! Try them out and repeat them until they become your truth!!

One thought on “Building Beauty

  1. I wrote a blog about this exact thing a few months ago! I believe you have to do all you mentioned above but also continue to do things that make you proud of yourself. Whether it’s putting energy into a project you love or the people in your life or giving your time to a worthy cause. You have to continue to make yourself proud in order to truly love yourself

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