Hey beauties!! I’ve heard a lot about ‘body type’ and what works well for your ‘body type’ so I went in search of mine! I figured it’d be a great starting point to figuring out how to pull together a complete outfit!!

Drumroll please…………………………


I’m a RECTANGLE!! Simply put, my bust and hip measurements are equal. More simply put, I have no hips…nor butt- ‘they’ don’t include that little tidbit, but for the sake of this post, and because it’s something I’ve struggled with, I’m including it! If there are any of my fellow rectangles out there that have been blessed with junk in the trunk, let me know! I’m interested in knowing if my personal struggle is widespread- no pun intended LOL!

Anyhoo, so in the day and age of the hourglass figure I found myself lost. I took the famous hashtag #CelebrateMyCurves literally and thought the positive curves they were celebrating, I didn’t have. Listen, it was serious yall!! I wasn’t considering any implants, butt injections, or anything like that, but I’m going to be real with you…I looked up some hip and butt pads and found some on Amazon!! I truly considered CREATING some curves to celebrate!! The road to a positive body image is a journey in itself, and honestly it’s unique to each individual. What helped ME was literally DECIDING to love the body I had at that very moment. It’s the only one given to me and it’s the only one I’m going to get, might as well!! Second, I read affirmations that made me realize how AWESOME my body was! ALL the things that it does for me to simply keep me functioning. My body in its barest form is a blessing and for all it does for me, I love it.

Once I’d come to love EVERY curve, even if they’re not in the ‘right places’ I began learning how to dress my body type to give the illusion of curves with my clothing instead of resorting to drastic measures!! So I wanted to share a couple of my go-to looks that give my rectangle some curves! Hip & butt pads NOT NECESSARY!!



3-12-2015 10-40-37 AM

I’m obsessed with all things peplum! Not only does it hide any potential tummy concerns, it magically slims at the waist and gives the illusion of hips and butt. Don’t ask me how, just try it! Let me know if it works with you! I pair a peplum with a pencil skirt, that’s fitted on the bit of curves I do have and wah-lah!

Skater Skirts/Dresses:

1491715_574717679311036_868224939178969375_n   1-3-claire-sulmers-A-Zara-Pussybow-Top-Muehleder-Signature-Net-Flare-Skirt-and-Gianvito-Rossi-Leather-and-Perspex-Pumps-copy

My skater skirts give the immediate Kim K action!! Again, don’t ask me how, just try it! It also slims the waist for me! Check out that SNATCH action on the right of Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily!! If you’re wanting to try the crop top trend, I’d recommend pairing it with a skater or full skirt. I tried it for my birthday last year, here’s how that went!



Fit & Flare/Swing/Shift Dresses:


Our BEST FRIEND! These flare out just under the boobs and are not only very pretty on us, but they’re SO comfortable!



Circle Skirts/Tutus

jollychic4  3-19-2015 3-52-59 PM

The fullness of these skirts do good at giving the illusion of hips. And besides, a tutu is good for anyone’s soul!


Wrapped Dresses/Tulip Skirts

skirt 2e7d2b5ad93324b2293e946b89c5e20d

To be honest, I don’t know why this works, it just does. Try it!





I talked a couple weeks ago about faking it til you make it! Sometimes, you just have to create curves in your mind and say eff it! I’m cute! With or without!



What body type are you? What challenges do you find it comes with and how do you overcome them?

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Please and thanks!!

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