MaBE I’ve been gone too long

So one of the things that irritates me is reading the ‘why I’ve been gone for so long’ posts, so I’m going to spare you guys and just catch you up already with everything that’s been going on with me!

YEARS later, I’m still trying to figure out this fashion thing. I’m still trying to pull my personal style together, but I’ve gotten a lot better. Keeping it simple, finding pieces that excite me to style them, and NOT trying to try EVERYTHING has gone a long way for me. It’s gotten deep down in my pockets too, but it’s truly been worth it. There’s joy here yall! So if you’re just starting out, give it time! It gets better!

After all these years, I FINALLY snapped a picture of myself…full body and PROUD!


WhoWhatWear did a collaboration with Target and there was this cargo vest I wanted SO badly and it was sold out EVERYWHERE! I happened to be on vacation in New Orleans and I rode past a Target and thought, STOP!! I ran in there and wouldn’t you know it, a whole section with PLENTY! So I closed my eyes (or I would’ve spent ALL my vacation money) and grabbed the vest! Look at the sheer JOY on my face guys!


I was so excited to find the piece and so excited at how the full body shot came out that I realized I need to get back to blogging and share all this happiness with you. I’ve perfected the art of the sale/clearance so I’ll be sharing those here as well as catching up on some 101 Fashion Lessons Learned along the way! Thanks for stopping by! Remember to BE persistent!


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