District of Curves: Fashionista to Fashionista

I came, I saw, I had a ball!! This was my first plus size fashion show, both as an attendee and as a plus size blogger! I feel so good to have just put myself out there! I got to see some awesome fashion, make some new fashionista friends, and the highlight of my day was getting to meet Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista! She was so humble, full of personality, and down to earth GORG!! She even gave me a treat for you guys!

While waiting for my selfie, I caught Marie in conversation with a young lady who, like me, was just trying to find her way! It can all be so overwhelming, but Marie and these ladies who walked the runway with such grace and confidence remind us daily that we deserve it! We deserve to be celebrated, but even more, we deserve to celebrate ourselves. We deserve to define beauty and we deserve to SLAY, unapologetically!

So thank you to Marie Denee, thank you to Mickey (Creator of District of Curves), and thank you to all the models, designers, and makeup artists for the inspiration!

I asked The Curvy Fashionista what advice she’d give ladies, like me, who are interested in being more fashionable:

“Find a few personal style bloggers whose style you are inspired by! Follow my blog to learn about all the resources available to us! And then find one trend that scares you and TRY. It. On. You may find a new best friend this way! You will learn more about your shape, how clothes hang over your curves, and how these items make you feel in them. This process of finding your personal style is one of patience and self discovery! Have a little fun with it and be nice to yourself.”

-The Curvy Fashionista-

Awesome advice! A great ending to an great experience!

BE patient and BE nice to yourself! Thanks for stopping by!

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