MayBE I’m Obsessed 

Ready for my May favorites!? Let’s go!

I’m learning to just TRY THINGS!! I have separation anxiety when it comes to my coins, so originally I’d get that ONE red lipstick I was SURE about and that’s it. You’ll see navigating your way through fashion & beauty, it’s a struggle to JUST buy that one. There IS a difference between the 5 that are currently in my makeup bag (judgement free zone, mkay!?)

So, I set a budget! At first it was $100/pay…now I’m trying to get to $100/month! I’ve overdosed in YouTube tutorials & reviews and occasionally I’ll come across things I want to try. I also browse my IG for some of my favorite plus size bloggers’ new grabs. I’ve found inspiration everywhere! I’ve even started getting a few magazines that I enjoy (which are awesome because sometimes you find discount codes in them!) Especially O! Magazine! Every month you get to see a list of her favorite things and get special codes.

Here are my May pickups!

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (Topaz) (Pressed)

I’m going to try to keep my two cents short so I don’t have you here all day, BUT YALLLLLLLLLLLL!!  Seriously! I splurged on this because I ran out of my (previous) favorite bronzer and I’m addicted to the golden glow y’all! LOL! I tried some other drugstore brands after I couldn’t find the one I had and they just didn’t cut it! So I jumped off the beauty cliff and spent the $38 for this one (after extensive review). Again, I’m not going to keep y’all all day, but I swept this stuff across the top of my cheekbones and girllllllllllllllll!!

I previously used Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Bronzer in Rum Spice and it’s a more affordable option if you’d like to try a glow! I couldn’t find it in store, but it retails at Target for $4.79 and it’s awesome!

L’Oréal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes: $7.99


Things I’ve tried the most, mascara! They’re typically inexpensive and each one swears to give you a longer, fuller, bolder lash than the next. I started out trying to apply lashes, even went and had them professionally done. That’s expensive IMO. Applying them on my own cost me too much time, and having them done cost me too much money. It just didn’t fit my lifestyle. So I started trying mascara.

I’d been thru tons and just settled on a random one. One night, I’m heading out with my girls and realized I forgot to put on mascara so I asked my BFF to use hers. God opened up heavens gate and placed in my hand  She handed this to me from the backseat!! I had no expectations as I opened the tube, but the first stroke on my lashes I knew this was something different!! Immediately added it to my makeup bag staples!!

Garnier SkinActive Cleansing Water: $6.99


I’m working on my skin so I’m always looking for skin care products. This all in one cleanser removes makeup and cleanses your skin at the same time. For someone (like me) who is terrrrrible about a skincare routine , this kills two birds with one stone!! No rubbing necessary, no irritating my skin, and it hydrates. Done deal!

Ashley Stewart:

Let’s talk about how I stalked Ashley Stewart first!! I’m in Virginia and for some odd reason, we don’t have one!! So I’m at practice with my son (in Maryland) and one of my football moms tells me there’s one right around the corner! I start gathering my stuff because I swore that was a sign! It’s 9am and she says, “but it doesn’t open until 10am!” Deep thought and debate begins and I just decide, “I’m going to wait!”

I saw The Curvy Fashionista’s YouTube of these stacks of rings AND a BOGO 50% off sale!! Y’all,  I LOVE ring stacking, but the chubby finger struggle is REAL!! Anyhoo, I had the District of Curves Full Figured Fashion Showcase that evening and I wanted them to accessorize my outfit. So I waited….and waited….and waited. I didn’t have time to come back later! An hour later I run in, there they were and SO much other stuff, but I didn’t have time! So I grabbed two stacks and went to the cashier…where I ran into these babies:


Sunnies are right up there with underwear! On most days, you need them! I’m a sucker for all things leopard and tortoise, for me they’re a neutral. I wanted a pair of sunglasses with iridescent lenses, the fact that these have tortoise stems made them a must have!! I’ll have to go back to really look around! The Curvy Fashionista said she got this shirt from there and I LOVE it!


What are YOU obsessing over? What should I give a try? On my To Try list is Model In A Bottle Makeup Setting Spray…have you tried it??

BE a little daring some times! Thanks for stopping by!

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