SHOESday: Crocs

I was looking for a comfortable shoe for sightseeing and someone suggested I look at Crocs! Their famous clogs came to mind; not quite my idea of ‘fashionable’, no matter how comfortable they are. However, my sister has the Crocs Sexi Flip and she vouched for their comfort so I went online to grab a pair of those. To my surprise, they came in a leopard print with two sole options: “Charcoal” and “Gold” (which is the color I opted for- it’s actually a nude)

4-28-2016 2-01-52 PM

My curiosity was peaked about what else Crocs had to offer because I had terribly misjudged them! So I used Google images and searched for outfit inspiration that styled Crocs sandals. As I’m searching I come across THESE (can you see a pattern here!?):


They come in this pattern and also in plain black. Two things I loved about these: the leopard print & the elastic straps! I have a wide foot, so warm weather months where I want my feet out is some times a challenge to find fashionable wide shoes. These arrived in the mail and the aesthetics of the shoe were just the icing on top!!


The foam cushion and the footbed of this shoe feels like you’re walking on clouds. Seriously! I am in love! Even more, buying them from Kohls saved me $5! They are certainly worth every penny! What do you think? Do you have Crocs? What’s your summer go-to?


photo credit: Crocs Australia

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