Finding Balance

#LifeLessons have taught me that there are some things in life that YOU are responsible for creating. For your peace, for your own good. Happiness is one, balance is another. One of my favorite quotes and lessons is:

“Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.”

Once upon a time I found it hard to say no to people; especially people I cared about. I’d stretch myself thin to make sure those around me were the happiest I could make them. Life was way out of whack!! 

I’ve learned to balance my life by simply implementing some self care routines. Now, I have a day of the week that belongs to me and me alone. Whether it’s sleeping in or taking a long bath, going on a hike, retail therapy, or working on a passion project. The day is just for me. Nope I can’t pick up, drop off, sign this, wash that…no. 
TAKE some time to keep your life balanced. Make it nonnegotiable. You know the saying: 

“Those that matter won’t mind, those that mind don’t matter.”

Leave a comment about how you balance your life! I love trying new self care methods!! That’s how I started hiking (highly recommended)!! 


It’s the holiday season and I’ve been sharing on my Instagram my favorite #GiftsUnder20 ! My favorite self care gift are these $4 facials! They’re from Sephora and my favorites are the green tea sleeping mask and the avocado sleeping mask! I’ve tried the Origins charcoal mask too, but it didn’t make my favorites only because the Sephora masks are instant! I put them on at night over a couple breakouts and by morning, gone!! Such a low price, drop a little self care in some stockings or in a gift bag for your girlfriends! Enjoy!

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