#SelfCareSundays: Come Get Snatched

This season of self care and self love has me trying all kinds of new things!! Recently I’d been debating about venturing into body waxing!! I’m no stranger to waxing, I’ve done the typical brow wax…and the upper lip wax that the lady at the nail salon always seems to guilt you into! But today, we’re talking Brazilian Wax!!

Valentines Day is approaching and while everyone is thinking cards, candy, flowers, lingerie, and outings, I wanted to pay some special attention to me! I found out that our lady parts aren’t something we discuss in our girl chat sessions so I dove into some (hilarious) conversations with my girls about upkeep! The older group of ladies I spoke to weren’t having it! I got a bunch of, ‘yeah, you can keep that!’ and ‘why would you do that!?’. A few of my other girlfriends ranged from, ‘I just shave’ to ‘I wax myself!’ (gasp!). It seemed to be a matter of preference.

I had been curious for a while about waxing, but was kinda fearful about the pain. One of my IG followers gave me the advice to find someone good for my first time or I’d regret it and never do it again. So the pressure was on! Find someone who I could trust to take me through this process!

[Enter The Sleek & Snatched Co.]

While talking to one of my girlfriends, she told me her daughter (@she.thebomb) just became a brand ambassador for this local spa in D.C. and when they went for their consultation she was really impressed with the owner. She’s a licensed esthetician and has been in business for about 2 years. I decided to give this a shot! I reached out to the owner on IG (@sleekandsnatchedco) and bombarded her with a ton of questions!! She was such a good sport and very knowledgeable…and she didn’t judge me for those questions I felt embarrassed to ask her-it got real!! 

So, let me just say that she’s my new BFF- I mean, this intimate closeness, she’s gotta be!! I survived my first Brazilian Wax [insert cheer]!!! If you’re considering giving it a try, I compiled some Q&A’s that you might find helpful!! Let me know about your experience or leave any questions you may have!! Enjoy!!

The first question my sister asked me when I was done:

Q: Would you do it again?

Yes! I actually scheduled my next appointment after our session!

Nesha said it really depends on your tolerance level. She compared her tolerance level to that of an infant and gave it a 4 1/2. I’ve given birth twice so I’d put mine in the medium range and I’d give it about a 4 1/2 as well! Some areas are worse/more sensitive than others.

So, this topic really had me cracking up! I’d read everything from women waxing to bleaching their…what is the PC term!? LOL! We’re just going to say your butt. I’m leaving the bleaching all the way alone (no judgement), but I didn’t know how popular waxing that area was. To be honest I didn’t think hair grew there for everyone; to which my girlfriend responded, ‘Neither did I until I saw the wax strip afterwards!’. Nesha said not to worry, a full Brazilian actually covers your butt as well! My girlfriend told me if I was going to do it, I had to go all out so I did!! It was the LEAST painful part of the process surprisingly!!

Q: How long does your hair have to be to wax?

Originally I thought I’d cheat LOL, shave it all (or close) and then go get it waxed. After talking to Nesha she said I’d need at least a 1/2 inch before I could wax. 

Q: Preparation? Do’s & Don’ts before I come to you? Soaps not to use?

No preparation necessary. You can use your normal everyday things prior to a waxing service.

Q: After care (products to use/not to use and for how long. Any type of sexual restrictions!?)

Any products/wipes that contain alcohol may cause stinging or burning down there , so I would avoid any products of the sort for at least two days following a wax . I have heard stories about ‘body mist’ y’all- don’t do that after a wax for a few days LOL! No sexual restrictions, in case Valentines Day gets sexy!! 

Q: Is waxing vs. shaving just a preference or are there benefits to one over the other?

I’ve read several articles that said you need the hair down there. Nesha says that’s actually a common myth and isn’t true. She said there’s no benefit to having hair. There is however a benefit to waxing vs shaving. You don’t have to do it as often, waxing gives a smoother feeling, and with waxing it thins out the hair when it grows out vs shaving that makes it more coarse when it returns. A wax will typically last you 4 weeks!

Some other interesting things I learned:

**The type of wax matters for different ethnicities. As an African American woman, just as the hair on our head, our texture is different. Nesha used a chocolate wax instead of a gel based wax which would cause our hair to coil instead of lay flat for the best waxing experience.

I would totally recommend Nesha and The Sleek & Snatched Co!! The space was gorgeous, clean, and serene! She’s super friendly and knowledgeable. In the future Nesha is looking to expand the mobile spa aspect of The Sleek & Snatched Co, so if you have birthdays, bridal parties, or just want to gather all your girlfriends for a #SelfCareSunday , connect with her!! She offers everything from brow waxing, massages, facials, and tons of other rejuvenating services! Come get snatched!

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