Self Care Sunday: Klash Collective Wine, Waist beads, & What’s Going On: A Conversation on Community 

The weather this weekend was phenomenal! That alone was enough to soak in for some self care! Lucky for me it was just the perfect backdrop to our event day. 

Klash Collective is a collaborative effort of African American women entrepreneurs in the DMV area who gather for what I like to call #QueendomBuilding! It is where business and fun collide! We gather, we share, we uplift, we encourage, we love on one another, we stand in our truth, we unveil and we crush all the negative stereotypes!! We create a safe space for women to just #Unapologetically BE! We come into this space as strangers and we leave with new found friendships and connections to impact our communities.

Sunday’s event was held at the beautiful Adinkrah Cultural Arts Studio. Surrounded by beautiful art, we learned about the history of waist beads and their different meanings from owner, Diallo Sumbry.

The more people that get introduced to the culture one way or another, the easier it is for us to have conversations. It’s also easier for us to deal with other people when we have a greater understanding of who we are and how we came to be.

He then gave one-on-one instruction and each woman got to create her own design!

Photographer: Heather Hodges 

Once completed, he adorned each woman with her own creation!

The energy in this room was SO AMAZING! I left feeling so full, literally, figuratively, and emotionally! You know how you feel after a good session with your girls!! Some times we just have to pause, take a break, and refuel! Cell phones were down and everyone was fully engaged! We even offered the ladies massages from Soul Focus Massage

We ate good, courtesy of Tastefully Yours & desserts offered by DF’s Cake Lounge:

We drank real good and learned about some #RealLifeWinePairings with @Burger&Wines:

It was a complete success!! We even raised money to donate to the efforts of An Earthly Embrace, an organization dedicated to heal, empower and rebuild the lives of women and children impacted by domestic violence. This event sold out, but if you missed it and wish to join us in the future, please email

Thank you to each of the ladies that came out to support. Your love and energy is what keeps us fulfilled! Thank you to Adinkrah Cultural Arts Studio for partnering with us to make this event a success! Teamwork made this dream work! LOVE ❤️ to my hostesses/ sisters Kelly Maven Media & @Heal.N.Hoop, I’m blessed to have a circle of women who are not only successful individually, but are always ready and willing to build the Queendom! 

As I always say, we cannot pour from an empty cup, make time to refill and refuel. And do so, UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

#AdjustYourCrown 👑 (@FashionMaBE)

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