#SelfCare Sunday: Testing the Waters

My favorite day of the week!! Well, this week I turned it into a whole weekend because it’s my birthday! If you’ve been following along on instagram (FashionMabe), you know that I took the day off Friday to do some pampering! Sometimes taking the day off alone is self care! Just a mental health day away from the hustle & bustle of 9-5 life. You can check out my feed for the fun things & sales I got into!

I’ve found that the more I take time to love on me and get to know myself, the more confident I’m becoming to push myself out of my normal comfort zones. There’s so much to life that fear & doubt keeps us from doing! In order to grow, we have to push ourselves. 

One key I’m working on is to push myself beyond my current feeling/emotion/or mood! I’m a Pisces and we’re VERY emotional people, so learning not to live in those emotions is a challenge. There are days that I don’t feel like working out, I feel too tired to work on my goals, I don’t feel my best so I get up and go out looking exactly how I feel! I’m still working on it, but someone told me to focus on the reward. I don’t feel like working out, but I know how it felt sliding into that next size down! I don’t feel like working on my goals, but I remember how I felt when I received that good news on my project! I don’t feel my best, but I know that by simply pushing anyway to put in even a little effort, when I look good I feel good!

So, on to the good stuff! Retail therapy is real y’all! I partake in it often, even if I’m just window shopping! It releases endorphins! So on my self care weekend, I popped into a few of my favorite places; one of which was Torrid to redeem my birthday rewards (sign up to be a Torrid insider for those!) There was a sign in the window that all swimwear was on sale. Full disclosure, I went in here to buy BANGLES! I remembered this two piece swimsuit from the last time I was in there and I talked myself out of it! I wasn’t ready for it yet, I told myself. Not because of any issues that I feel with my body per se, but just because I feel like it’s BOLD! And I LOVE to see my Curvy girls being BOLD but for some reason I didn’t think she, me, her was ready for BOLD. 

So I walked into Torrid, walked passed those damn bangles and grabbed that bikini!! IF there IS a ‘time’ it was that moment…simply because I decided so. Into the dressing room!

I got REALLY bold y’all and grabbed a second top that was super revealing and I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t ready to be THAT bold yet. But the black and white suit with the scalloped edges is what I had my eye on. I grabbed two sizes in the top.

This was the smaller of the two (size 2) and it fit but I went with the size 3 because I wanted a little more room. I LOVE that this, while a two piece, covered any area that I would worry about in a bikini. If you pulled it down, it technically looked like a one piece, I opted to pull it up a bit because I like the peek of skin!

Now, standing in this dressing room with this adrenaline rush of confidence I was good! But if you still have reservations and just want to test the waters, there are several options for cover ups that still allow you show off your bathing suit.

This floral cover up with the fringe at the bottom was a super cute patterned contrast to the simple black and white! I also like that the black bottoms are versatile and can be paired with any top you may later want to purchase. You don’t need to buy a full suit every time. A staple bottom will allow you to pull together many different looks.

I went to the counter and let me tell y’all about CONFIRMATION! $10 off for trying on the top, $10 off for trying on the bottoms, $10 off for my birthday reward, AND Buy One, Get One 50% Off!!!! #Hello33!! May this 33rd year of life BE BOLD. I attended church service today and my girlfriend was in town for the Women’s History Month service. She spoke on the many BOLD women in our current time and in scripture and reminded me to #Unapologetically Ask. Believe. & Expect It. Cheers y’all! Continue to #AdjustYourCrown 👑

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