Sheer Goodness!

Earlier this month I celebrated 33 and with every birthday comes the what to wear struggle. 
I’d been eyeing these sheer dresses for a long time! They’re super sexy, but I wasn’t ready to be out in my underwear! Finally I ran across @Kyrzayda on IG who styled hers with jeans underneath!

PERFECT! So I set out in the hunt for a sheer dress…inexpensive because it’s not something I planned on getting a lot of wear out of. Whenever I need something trendy and inexpensive, I always start with Forever 21+. I browsed online and didn’t find exactly what I wanted, but I was able to find this one in-store.

I would have liked it to be a little longer, like the one that inspired this outfit. I liked this long sleeve one from Rebdolls as well but it was sold out in my size:

It was fun to let my hair down and let the girls out! I paired it with my jeans and my birthday booties from Torrid. A duster is also a great way to tone this dress down!

Find a trend and make it your own! Just because you see something that might be ‘too much’ for your taste, tweak it to your level of comfort! That’s how you’ll develop YOUR style! 

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